Our Core Focus at Linked to Growth

Our focus is to generate new customers for our clients solely via the LinkedIn platform, by doing this we enable the entrepreneur or company to focus on their passion and core-business, while we focus on generating leads, optimizing your business and even taking care of sales.


Who are we?

Linked To Growth is by nature a B2B agency. Our services are geared towards business owners (self-employed) and companies in the SME sector. Our target group includes primarily companies active in the IT-sector and the coaching/consulting industry.


What do we do?

Through our unique LinkedIN strategy we introduce the business market to an authentic lead-generating method which will ensure that every potential customer will be direct or indirectly introduced to the significant value your business has to offer. Reaching the targeted masses with your proposition.


Why us?

The common problem that a lot of companies are facing at the moment is the lack of options to attract new customers. Our system and the way we setup and finalize our campaigns using the direct approach and social selling is the answer to this problem. Every month we generate between 40-75 leads for our clients executing this exact same system.

Getting new customers is simply a numbers game

Due to the success of our own method, we deliberately do not use advertisements on LinkedIn. To make it easy and straightforward we work with the 40% – 10% – 10% Formula.

We approach the market in an organic and prospect friendly manner. After selecting your target audience we move on executing your campaign and reach out to a minimum of 1000 prospects a month.

Usually 40% responds right away which leaves us a minimum of 400 prospects to engage with. From the 400 prospects regularly 10% turn into leads in the same month.

  • Outreach 100%
  • Responses 40%
  • Leads 10%
  • Customers 10%

Our system explained



We manage your account and in the first instance ensure that your profile is visually as strong as possible. Before we do a massive outreach, we always spar with the client about the ideal target group that we want to approach. When this is clear, we will proceed to the next step.


The power of our system consists out of two factors. Personal touch and mass. We approach the ideal target group with a personal touch and we call this the introduction message that is sent together with the connection request. You will be surprised how many people are actually open to this and appreciate the effort. Then we follow up with a new personal message to those who have accepted the connection request. This results in a 1-on-1 conversation in which a call appointment or anything of that nature can then be discussed and arranged. Both messages, introduction and follow-up are compiled in consultation with the client.


The other important factor is mass. We do the outreach as described above on a massive basis. At least 1000 people who belong to your ideal target group are approached using this method. This creates a snowball effect over time. Because of this, the challenge is more to manage the messages on LinkedIn because this way a huge amount of response is set in motion with the goal of course attracting more customers.


To ensure that this runs smoothly, we help our clients by guiding them through the process from prospect to lead and ultimately to the customer. We do this by giving advice in the sales process or entirely taking over the sales process on request (turning leads into customers). The next important factor is consulting you regarding your content management (generating interest from current network). This way we know for sure that our clients get the most out of our services. We go further than just Lead Generation.

Let’s work together! We want to know more about the needs of your company.

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